Glass-ionomer restorative materials

John Nicholson

The restorative options available today.

  • What materials are advised for which indications (composites, high viscosity GI, compomers, amalgam…)—only an overview
  • GI’s core advantages and their main indications (only an overview)
  • GIs as a material of choice for the desired indications- focus on temporaries, long term temporaries, fissure protections, Class V (more detailed)
  • Clinical cases as examples
  • Clinical advantages including: moisture tolerance, caries protection, ease and speed of use.
  • Even though GI are mechanically weak, clinically they are strong enough and give advantages that are unique for them (pulp friendly, remineralization potential).

Learning objectives:

  • To understand where GIs fit into the range of modern restorative materials
  • To be fully aware of the uses of GIs in contemporary dentistry
  • To appreciate the advantages of GIs relative to other available materials

C.E. Credits: 1 CE
Release date: Monday, September 5, 2016
Expiration date: Thursday, September 5, 2019