Fibre reinforced composites … a real break-through

Stephane Browet

Strategies for the restoration of large size cavities

Stephane Browet will discuss the following topics during the webinar:

  1. Biomechanical considerations of the tooth-restoration complex
  2. Strategy for stopping crack propagation and avoiding new crack develop-ment (prevention)
    • Cavity preparation design
    • Material selection
  3. Fibre reinforced composite technology
    • Material description of
    • Biomechanical properties
  4. Protocols for restore big cavities
    • Direct technique
    • Indirect technique

Learning objectives:

  • Develop strategies for the restoration of large size cavities
  • Learning the protocol for direct and indirect restorations with fibre reinforced composites

C.E. Credits: 1 CE
Release date: Friday, October 4, 2013
Expiration date: Tuesday, October 4, 2016