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Saturday 15th December, 2018, 03:00 PM CET (Berlin)

Aesthetic Preview: with transparent silicone and injectable composite


Vincenzo Musella

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Aesthetic Preview: with transparent silicone and injectable composite

Vincenzo Musella

Aesthetic rehabilitation of the anterior zone has always been considered one of the biggest challenges of our profession.

“Aesthetics does not exist without health”, it would be useful to pause a while, look at the situation from a biological point of view, bearing in mind materials and dental technique, in order to plan a restoration that is reliable, efficient and easy to maintain over time.

The aesthetic mock up provides the possibility of demonstrating the planned treatment and verifying the project in a concrete manner.

Not only does it clarify our project, but also offers the patient the possibility of visualizing the final result before any irreversible professional action is taken; this also gives the patient the possibility to express his opinion and assent regarding the treatment.

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