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Mastering Direct composites

December 13, 2018

Price: 1000,00

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One of the foundations of our business is the expansion and distribution of specialist knowledge. Therefore, every year GC invests in new training centres across Europe. For a fantastic experience abroad for yourself or your entire team, visit our ultra-modern training centre in magnificent Madrid, Spain.


GC offers an intensive two-day course in direct composite restoration in Madrid taught by Javier Tapia. Direct composite restoration is a cornerstone of restorative dentistry, improving the stability of a well-restored set of teeth… However, stable, high-quality, durable direct restorations are extremely  technical to perform and require a thorough knowledge of preparation,  herence and layered application. All these elements are addressed during this intensive, practice-oriented training course, teaching you how to achieve  excellent direct composite restorations. You also receive a tour of GC Ibérica. A detailed programme for the two-day training course is available on request.


On Day 1, in the morning if possible, you fly to Madrid. The training course at GC Ibérica starts in the early afternoon. Day 2 is again devoted to training, followed by a tour in Madrid. On Day 3 you are free to explore the city. On day 1 we take care of the transfer from the airport. We also take care of all transports between the GC Campus and the hotel. Enjoy dinner at various restaurants in the city centre on Days 1 and 2.

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Javier began his career as a digital graphic designer, founding the company SAP – Dental Media Design. He received a Merit Award from the Spanish College of Dentists for the development of new technologies. In 2011 Javier was a co-founder of the Bio-Emulation group. He currently works at various European universities and as a reviewer for The Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry. He also lectures at international conventions, with hands-on and live courses.


Training Centre GC Ibérica Campus, Playa de
las Américas, 2, 28290 Rozas, Madrid, Spain.

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