A new standard in training and education

GC has always invested heavily in providing the very best in training and education to the whole dental team. The ability to promote and disseminate knowledge amongst dental professionals is a fundamental principle of our business.

The GC Europe Online Campus is a substantial part of GC Europe's Campus approach with training activities organised across Europe. It plays an important role in our ability to deliver top quality education and to promote communication and understanding between dental professionals.

Education accessible to all dental professionals

Through on-line education we will be able to support you in a faster and more convenient way. This platform enables "meeting" with your colleagues and team members without the need to travel. Our programmes will enable you to gain knowledge and to stay up to date about new products and techniques from respected opinion leaders directly. The courses we offer will give the right amount of insight, challenge and encouragement to each participant.

Part of GC’s commitment to continuous education

The foundation for the GC Europe On-line Campus lies in the GC Europe Campus Meeting and Education Centre, which is located on our Headquarters site in Leuven, Belgium. This state-of-the-art environment enables us since 2008 to exchange knowledge with our worldwide network of dental professionals and to deliver hands-on courses, presentations and demonstrations of all our major technologies and products by world-class trainers.