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Saturday 25th November, 2017, 12:00 PM CET (Berlin)

When old becomes fancy and useful again: the glass ionomer’s journey

Speaker(s): Sebnem Türkün

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When old becomes fancy and useful again: the glass ionomer’s journey

Sebnem Türkün

The journey of the glass ionomer cement (GIC) going from provisional to permanent restorative material via an MI (Minimum Intervention) approach

This webinar will highlight the importance of caries risk assessments and MI (Minimum Intervention) dentistry in delivering today’s health care services.
The indications and limitations of GICs (Glass Ionomer Cements) in the past for restorative dentistry will be reviewed.
The presentation will then show how GICs were improved nowadays and their new indications (base material, sandwich technique, permanent fillings, etc…) in defined cases for delivering health care to the patient.
On a clinical point of view, the treatment of special need patients and geriatric patients with an MI approach will be discussed.
Finally, the results from long-term clinical studies performed with GICs and resin composites as restorative materials will be shown, in order to illustrate the very good clinical performance of these materials.


  • Be able to identify high caries risk patients
  • Have an understanding of the limitations and indications of GICs
  • Have a better comprehension of the improvements performed in the field of GICs

Have a basic understanding of the long-term clinical use of the GICs in Class II restorations

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