Improve your skills with GC’s layering guides


  • GC Restoratives Configurator – PC | Mac | iTunes version

Discover the new GC Restorative Dentistry Guides; a comprehensive 3D tool that gives you a better insight on:

  • Correct shade selection
  • Different bonding techniques
  • The use and application of the different colours of our composite restorative.

This interactive guide allows you to have optimal results with our restorative dentistry products. It is a useful tool for the dentist but it can also be valuable in the communication with your patients.



Discover the ultimate digital tool for dental technicians: GC Initial Layering Guides. The interactive guides to learn how to use GC ceramic:

  • Initial MC.
  • Initial LF.
  • Initial Ti.
  • Initial AL.
  • Initial Zr-FS.
  • Initial IQ layering over metal.
  • Initial IQ layering over zircon.

Awesome features include:

  • 360º Step-by-step illustration of layering techniques.
  • 2 layer, 3 layer & 4 layer techniques.
  • IQ layering technique with Lustre Pastes application guide.
  • VITA® Classical and VITA® 3D Master shade guides supported.
  • Precious/non-precious alloy selection, white zircon/colored zircon selection. Other frameworks include titanium and alumina.
  • Complete firing guide for all systems, including the possibility for single firing or separate dentin firing setup.

GC Initial Layering Guides – PC | Mac | iTunes version